Please Watch This Space for Basic Changes

After a lot of rough planning, I have decided to change the nature and content of this moribund Website. Deo volente.

As a first necessary chore I have just finished selecting and deleting over half of the articles published on this site since 2008. (That still leaves 110 and I have rough plans for a few groups of them.)

My next much bigger project is to sort and select for transfer or modification those articles from my (dormant) professional website ( which seem worth saving as well as some of the Spanish and Hindi language e-books which used to be offered for sale (plus free Samples) on that site.

(Please Note: Brian’s e-books are LONG PDF files which readers have to print for their use. Many of my existing — surviving — WordPress articles are also long, or very long, as some patient readers will have noticed.)

That’s all I can say at the moment but it’s a great relief and and added stimulus to have said it.

I hope some of my changes and additions will be of interest to my readers, old and new.

Hasta pronto. Phil milenge.

Brian (at ompukalani // hotmail)

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One Comment on “Please Watch This Space for Basic Changes”

  1. amybovairdauthor Says:

    Hi Brian,
    Sounds like you’ve set up some terrific goals for yourself!
    Some ebooks in Spanish and Hindi, did you say? Well, that’s certainly interesting! While I can’t read Hindi, I can certainly read Spanish. I’ll have to check them out. I did travel to Southern India a few times so I have heard Hindi or even Malayalam. Unfortunately, the script looks so different in writing!
    All the best to you in these endeavors.

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