Learning and Dieting with Dr John Beaney

Dr John Beaney, a retired GP, has become one of the new breed of medical researchers and activists who are devising radical diet programs to combat an exponentially growing series of current health crises, notably obesity, Diabetes 2, and heart disease. In doing so, they also pose serious questions not only about medical orthodoxy on dieting over the past half century but on other relevant matters.

Beginning in 2013, along with his wife and fellow human guinea-pig, Beryl, John followed the example of other pioneers by researching and experimenting with a basically Low Carb Low Sugar diet. He also recommends the 5:2 Fasting régime. By practising what he preaches, both John and Beryl achieved impressive weight loss and control in 9 months.

Since late 2015, based on his initial and ongoing research, Dr Beaney has given many informative and entertaining lecture courses (attended by several hundred people). He has also carried out private diet consultations over the past 3 years. Many who have followed his fasting régime as well as the low carbs low sugar change of diet have impressive stories to tell.

His current website is: https://www.livingyoungerlonger.org

In the past week, John has begun to take his work to a new stage by recording the following 4 introductory podcasts (8-10 minute duration). Many more are in the pipeline.
IMO these congenial chats are exemplary for their crisp clarity and cogency.
(Click on the Podcast button in the Top Right section of the livingyoungerlonger Home page.)

On offer at present are:

How I Started
Dietary Fat and Our Arteries
Conflicting Evidence on TV
What are Carbs and Sugars?

I am a personal friend of Dr John Beaney as well as a beneficiary of significant weight loss since early 2016 through a radical change of diet based mainly on his research recommendations. Although applying my own self-indulgent interpretation of his dieting advice (and eschewal of the fasting), in 6 months my weight dropped from 78 kilos to 67 (two trouser sizes) and has remained constant since then.

In order to share my privileged new knowledge with others who might benefit from exploring Dr Beaney’s research findings and recommendations, I placed Dr Beaney’s website in first place on my Blogroll on this website many months ago – even ahead of PBS Newshour, which is priceless, especially in the current surreal political climate, but may not contribute to prolonging our lives.

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