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Translation. 24. Translating a Résumé into Chinese: Jesse Newman’s Experience

5 December 2010

In The Australian of 4 December 2010, Jesse Newman shared his experiences in getting his résumé translated into Chinese:

‘Skills lost in Translation of a Resume’.
(Sub-heading) ‘Writing a Chinese version of your CV can be an exercise in disguise’

“As a mid-20s professional I have decided to jump into a bigger pond. In the past two weeks I’ve had the surreal experience of having my CV translated into Chinese.

“My English-language resume is a heady blend of white spaces, bold-faced key performance indicator achievements and independent project management positions. It’s a long document — six pages — designed to convey all key information in a glance at the front page. The rest is available for reading should I get to the interview stage. Education details and direct benefits to employers are set out upfront.

“I roped in Chinese friends with experience in the Australian and Chinese job markets, seeking help to move my shining document in all its glory into Chinese. Unfortunately my first draft hit some challenges.”

For the rest of Jesse’s article (and a photograph), see his original version in The Australian.