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An Unofficial Analysis of India’s Current Problems

4 August 2011

Are you bewildered by the frequent announcements of India’s recent scandals and scams (beginning with the Commonwealth Games last year) and the increasing media and public pressure to bring about overdue changes in the “system”, especially the major popular campaigns by peace activist Anna Hazare and the influential and volatile yoga superstar Swami Ramdev?

Then you may find some enlightenment in the following recent blogs by one of India’s best known bloggers, Amit Varma. Varma has been blogging (as ‘India Uncut’) since 2004 and a few years ago retired from journalism to write novels, the first of which was My Friend Sancho (2009).

These are the blog references. Do they help?

April 2011. ‘Where Anna Hazare Gets it Wrong’

June 2011. ‘India’s Second Freedom Struggle’

As light relief after all that heavy stuff, you may well enjoy this related satirical piece by Varma.