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Mistranslation 17. Reuters Agency Report misunderstood by Spanish News Agency

7 May 2010

As a minor link in a chain reaction of blogging, I am able to report that an important revelation by Spanish translation blogger “Malaprensa” [= bad press] has been brought to wider notice by an English language translation blogger with a very forthright name .

Blogger “f* translation” points out Malaprensa’s revelation of the following serious erroneous interpretation of a Reuters bulletin involving the spread of the recent Icelandic ash cloud.

“Ash cloud already in Asia, says the Spanish press. Malaprensa has from JMNoticias [] a stupendous English-Spanish cockup. Reuters put out a story in English explaining that the chaos caused in Europe by ash from Eyjafjallajökull was leading to knock-on problems for Asian airports forced to deal with thousands of stranded passengers.

“The Spanish news agency Europa Press mistranslated this as the ash cloud itself having arrived in Asia, and the story was adopted without question or reference to a map across the Spanish media.”

Obviously, these are 3 sites for translators to keep an eye on.