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ESL Quick Exercises 1

26 May 2008

(Intermediate Level)

1. Aural Comprehension of Media News

Rewrite this crude pseudo-phonetic approximation of American Spoken English in Global English.

The Madder of the Two Criddicks

When innerviewed, the first indepennant Sennader staded that both puhliddickal pardies on this side of the Adlannick were just full of redderick about Yerp. There hadn’t been a treedy for fordy years. The truth was, he continued, that a noo administration would have to make a frunnal assault on the madder and spend a lodda money to fix it.

‘My Gad! Whadda ya tackin about?’ exclaimed the second gennelm’n.

‘It’s are doody. If we doan make a move, you’ll be hearin the sound of bams goin off sooner or lader.’

‘So, waddle we do about those guys? Can we really afford to leddum achieve a tonnamy in the comin twenny months?

‘Sher can! It’s a real passibiliddy, whadever the Vaddican sezz.’


Careful critical Observation of Politicians, Journalists, Spokespersons and Advertisers may help you to Expand your Vocabulary and Idioms

(Or: Don’t believe everything you hear or read in the Media.)

Spot and correct the faulty lexical choices, incorrect associations, misspellings, malapropisms and mixed metaphors below. (Each line is a separate example. Total: 35)

From the onset, I should like to say the following.

He is an avaricious reader of books.

This opinion perpetrates the old myths.

When asked to vote for us, they were eagerly quiescent.

When I entered the august building, I was issued into the main room.

Rather than senile, he seems to be in control of his facilities.

One of the accused purged themselves.

He is under the allusion that they are innocent.

‘I’ll give you a tingle.’ [on the phone / mobile]

The car was slowed up by an altercation it had with a van in Wagga Wagga.

Skeleton – Medical. Fully articulate. As new condition.

“Australian Himalaysian Expeditions”

He honed in on his target.

“… to a Semantic people, the Jews, this meant that …”

“On a tangenital question, could you tell us why …?

His aim was to circumvent the Globe.

The remains of war heroes were interned here.

The helicopter carrying the Press corpse …

As the corsage left the Cemetery … [from a State Funeral commentary]

It is with fear and intrepidation that I begin this task.

I have never been particularly enarmoured of that idea.

This is his fifedom.

The death nail in the coffin of the State. [a State Premier]

It’s the cut of a thousand deaths. [another State Premier]

This is the crown in the jewel. [the same one, perhaps]

He is a thorn in the eye of some people.

This growing quagmire on our shoulder. [Iraq]

Other words and phrases that are not quite right:

a heart-rendering tribute

a well-tendered garden

We are moving into unchartered waters.

We shall have to administrate this.

The plan will have to be properly intergrated.

[also sometimes found: the adjective “intergral”]

In this much sort after area, this property is a bargain. [Real Estate ad]

senile dementure

strickly confidential