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Australia’s defences against au pair visitors. Recommended background viewing.

31 August 2018

As an octogenarian couch potato, I recently summoned up the energy to switch my viewing allegiance from Channel 7 Two’s Escape to the Country (on Saturdays) to its Sunday program Border Security: Australia’s Frontline (8 pm.)

Like all reality programs, it offers compelling viewing of people in difficult situations which are usually private. It also shows how our authorities carry out their public service. I am better informed by the footage presented in previous programs about other au pair quandaries, including the detailed on the spot decisions by the airport Immigration officials who, on this evidence, seem to take considerable care to be fair.

In view of the current red hot political topic of a Government Minister’s personal intervention in favour of two foreign visitors suspected of possible visa contravention, tomorrow’s Channel 7 Two’s 8 p.m program is strongly recommended to those who need to supplement official political statements on this issue. Like other visitors to Australia, au pairs must travel on a valid visa.

I have absolutely no prejudice against au pairs. I fell in love with and married a Spanish one 60 years ago. There are 15 Aussie descendants and another on the way.
The reason we married so early was because the miserable UK authorities refused to renew Piluca’s visa!

Macquarie Dictionary (5th Edn.) Note:
au pair: “A young foreigner, especially a woman or girl, who does domestic work for a small payment and board and lodging, often in order to improve command of the language of the country visited.”