Basic Dictionary of the Spanish of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

This posting offers a sample of my 72-page dictionary and, if required, a downloadable PDF of the whole Dictionary.)

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As the first example of the sorts of material that I propose to make available on this (newly) multi-purpose website, I offer a PDF version of a short e-book on the Spanish of Southern Latin America. It is only 70 pages long but may be of interest to Spanish language students as a quick survey of the principal local lexical preferences in those three countries.

The examples in this publication are taken from my 1990s Database of  Latin American Spanish, which I also used to compose my other Latin American Dictionaries and to contribute to 2 editions of the Collins Spanish and English Dictionary, the 1971 landmark lexicographical innovation by an admirable Hispanist, gentleman and lexicographical mentor, the late Colin Smith.

If the following sample is of interest, please download the enclosed PDF for the full version.

(And I promise that my next offering will be of more general interest to readers.)

Muestra / Sample:

Diccionario Mínimo de Argentinismos, Uruguayismos y Paraguayismos

[Basic Dictionary of the Spanish of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay]

Brian Steel


achura(s) nm (QCH) RPl =menudencias // A Traveler le empezó a dar hambre y pidió unas achuras. (J.Cortázar, Arg, 1970:264)

offal; guts

adición nf (FR) RPl =cuenta de restaurante

(restaurant) bill; (US) check

aeroparque nm Arg =aeropuerto pequeño // El Aeroparque local [el Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, de Buenos Aires] funcionó a un tercio de su nivel habitual, según el gremio de aeronavegantes.      (El Español en Australia, Sydney, 9-8-94:9)

small airport

aerosilla nf RPl =telesilla


agarrar(se) vt/vr esp RPl =coger // …anoche le hice tomar una aspirina… La agarró y se puso a mirarla. (J.Cortázar, Arg, 1970:83)

to take; to pick up

agauchadoa adj esp RPl

like a gaucho

agaucharse vr esp RPl

to become like a gaucho

alambre-carril nm Arg =teleférico

cable railway

alcaucil nm RPl


almacén nm RPl =tienda (de comestibles)

(grocer=s) shop; general store

ambiente nm esp RPl =habitación


ananá(s) nm(TUP) RPl =piña tropical


asado nm Arg =barbacoa


asado de tira nm Arg =chuleta

chop; ribs

austral nm Hist Arg =unidad monetaria argentina, 1985-1991

monetary unit of Argentina (1985-1991)

balón nm Arg =vaso grande para cerveza

tall beer glass

Banda Oriental nf Hist esp Ur = la República Oriental del Uruguay; actualmente sinónimo de Uruguay

Formerly, all Spanish possessions to the East of the river Uruguay, including (Brazilian) San Pedro, Río Grande do Sul, and Santa Catalina. Now, a synonym for Uruguay.

bandoneón nm Arg =acordeón grande

large accordion

bife nm

1. RPl =filete


2. fam RPl =bofetada


biógrafo nm ant RPl =cine


birome nf [a veces nm] Arg =bolígrafo

(ballpoint) pen

blancoa adj y nmf Ur =relativo al Partido Blanco

belonging or pertaining to the Blanco Party

boleadoras nfpl RPl


boliche nm

1. RPl

small grocery store

2. boliche (bailable) RPl =bar; discoteca

bar; discotheque

boludez nf esp pl vulg RPl =gilipollez

crap! (vulg); rubbish

boludoa adj y nmf vulg RPl =gilipollas

stupid idiot; (US) jerk

bombacha(s) nf(pl) RPl

1. =pantalones gauchos

Gaucho breeches

2. bombacha(s) =bragas

knickers; panties

bombita nf Arg =bombilla


bonaerense adj y nmf invar Arg =gentilicio de Buenos Aires

(person) from Buenos Aires

botija nmf invar fam Ur =chaval; chiquillo


botiquín nm Arg =armario de tocador

bathrooom cabinet


A downloadable full version is available in PDF format.

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