Misogynygate? Not at all. Annabel Crabb cuts through the dubious local and global hype.

(This is a necessary addendum to my initial brief blog on the matter.)

Following the extraordinary national and international attention to a speech by (embattled – NB) Prime Minister Gillard a few days ago, in today’s Age (a venerable but parochial Victorian newspaper struggling for survival), Ms Crabb, a leading light and VERY gifted observer on the (Australian) ABC TV’s political staff, offers an article titled ‘Grubby, grotty, silly and sexist, but misogyny is a sledge too far’. With a title like that, further comment may seem superfluous. Nevertheless, it may attract a few more readers to Ms Crabb’s solomonic thesis if I simply add the following.

The sub-heading of the article (which may need one subtitle for non-Australian readers) is: ‘Right now, our over-excited politicos could benefit from a dictionary, a Bex [a tranquilising pill] and a good lie down’.

While we are re-assessing this meteoric media event (and the influence of the Internet and individuals on its dazzling trajectory), Andrew Bolt today offers more enlightenment (inspired apparently by information from reader Alan R. M. Jones) on the possible input of Gillard’s principle media advisor in the instant ‘viralisation’ of the affair.

Additional character reference, for the unaware, and in personal homage to Ms Crabb:
Annabel Crabb is currently presenting her second ABC TV series of politico-foodie interviews: Kitchen Cabinet. Very yum-yum for the mind and palate.

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