Internet Viral Opinion. Caveat Lector. The Current Julia Gillard Misogyny Episode

The embattled Australian Labor Party, which appears destined to be thrown out of office in a year’s time for its many egregious shortcomings, broken promises and its serial incompetence, is currently congratulating itself on the ephemeral respite provided by the viral Web response to its leader’s impassioned rebuke of her Liberal counterpart, Tony Abbott, on debatable sexist grounds rather than political ones.

The worldwide (English language) Internet and media reaction which has belatedly provided Ms Gillard with 15 minutes of international fame seems to be based on a crude knee-jerk response for all male treatment of females, including misogyny. As far as I can see, the virus spreaders in London and New York pay NO attention to the political Australian background or the real circumstances leading up to the parliamentary tirade 2 days ago. This is in keeping with much similar viral reaction on the Web and is (or should be) a very worrying feature since it undermines the principles of true debate and democracy and closely approximates to the procedures of twentieth century populist political propaganda, at its worst. (Enhanced by ever more numerous advisers, generously remunerated (bought?) with taxpayers’ money.) [14 October Update: Andrew Bolt has just published an interesting link to one of P.M. Gillard’s advisers. Worth examination.]

In your search for the real truth of this complex matter, you might wish to begin by reading this article by John Birmingham, especially between the lines. Then you may need some background on the two years of very chaotic roller-coaster government by Gillard’s uneasy coalition government with the Greens and half a dozen motley independents. This minimal research will make it clear that she came to power in the Labor Party in 2010 by overthrowing her colleague and boss, the electorally triumphant Labour Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. That is quite a lot of baggage which the virus-spreaders have not told you – and may well be unaware of.

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2 Comments on “Internet Viral Opinion. Caveat Lector. The Current Julia Gillard Misogyny Episode”

  1. Passer-by Says:

    Actually, the correct spelling is ‘misogyny’.

    • Brian Steel Says:

      Thanks, “slow man”. Actually you must be quite a fast man since I corrected the text errors a couple of hours after posting. Alas, the mistake remains forever embalmed in my original URL for the piece!

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