Europe in Decline: The UK Contribution

For several years now the media has been presenting evidence of a collective decline in European morale. Some of the evidence of the ‘late Great’ Britain’s contributions to this sad state of affairs is regularly chronicled by contributors to The Spectator. In its issue for 18 September 2010, the upmarket British magazine offers a package of “Thought Crime” special articles as further proof of the pernicious currents at work in UK which are undermining its traditional liberal values and beliefs.

The main articles of the series are:

Melanie Phillips, ‘I Think, therefore I’m guilty’.
“Britain is a liberal and progressive utopia – and the authorities will arrest anyone who disagrees.”

Alan Rusbridger, ‘How to stifle the Press’
“Numerous reports on our defamation laws have found that they have a chilling effect on free speech. Only last month President Obama signed into law an act protecting American citizens from British libel judgements.”

Christopher Booker, ‘Scientists in hiding’
“Academics who dare to question the scientific establishment’s consensus on Darwinism or global warming increasingly find themselves ostracised and demonised.”
“… fanatical intolerance, in defence of pseudo-scientific causes which reflect the prejudices of the age, has become only too common …”

Hardeep Singh Kohli, ‘Last laughs’
“With the help of the internet, politically correct vigilantes are monitoring jokes and suffocating comedy.”

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