The Contribution of Science Communicator Joanne Nova to the Global Warming Debate

Since before the Copenhagen fiasco, critical attention to the global warming controversy has been increasing at an exponential rate. Many bloggers and a handful of journalists have contributed to the final six months of activity leading up to the present media feeding frenzy. Much pioneering work by brave and persistent critics and investigators is now becoming better known (and less anathematised), as the findings of the few are reported by many other bloggers and media people. However, as the mainstream media now take up the reporting task that, with a few honourable exceptions, they should not have neglected for so long, it is becoming more difficult to keep up to date and to sort out the quality analyses (past and present) from the repetitive media chaff. For new readers whose attention the mainstream media are now attracting (and for others), the website of Joanne Nova, an energetic science communicator for many years, is highly recommended.

Particularly useful to serious readers in search of more scientific background to the controversy is her lengthy but selective list of links.

Her prolific output on this topic is also displayed in her two editions of The Skeptic’s Handbook, available, in several languages from her site:
“Over 220,000 copies of The Skeptics Handbook have been published, printed and distributed in the US, Australia, NZ and Sweden. It was done entirely pro bono, and volunteers have translated it into French, German (twice), Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Danish, Portuguese, and Balkan. Italian and Thai [and Spanish] versions are coming.”

It’s all there, waiting for your attention – especially those of you who write blogs and articles in other languages in which less critical attention has been paid to the debate about anthropogenic global warming.

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