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Swine Flu Tip from Time Magazine

18 August 2009

“cough into the crook of your elbow rather than your palms”
It sounds convincing to me. And simple.
“However the pandemic plays out, the chief mantra for everyone — wash your hands, cough into the crook of your elbow rather than your palms, stay home if you’re sick — will be repeated endlessly over the coming months in ad campaigns, public-service announcements and the global media.”
See ‘Inside the Fight Against a Flu Pandemic’ by Michael Scherer and Eben Harrell (Aug 12, 2009).
Good luck to you up there in the Northern Hemisphere, from Down Under.
P.S. This is the equivalent of TWO Tweets.

More on the Climate Change Wars

13 August 2009

The latest angle (12 August 2009):
Climate Change, the American Psychological Association, and Psychopathology
“The Soviet Union perfected the art of pathologizing its dissidents. Since the USSR was a “Worker’s Paradise” it was rather obvious that anyone who objected to the arrangement must be psychologically impaired. Dissidents were routinely sent to Psychiatric hospitals and injected with all manner of powerful Psychiatric medications in an effort to correct their Psychiatric disorders. Once the basic premise was accepted, the misuse of Psychiatry was inevitable. It appears that the American Psychological Association is following in the glorious footsteps of Soviet Psychiatry.”
Read the full article.

The Climate Caper by Garth Paltridge

7 August 2009

Closely on the heels of Professor Ian Plimer’s hefty contribution to the Global Warming debate (Heaven and Earth. Global Warming: The Missing Science, ConnorCourt Publishing, 2009, now in its umpteenth pritning) comes another stimulating work by a fellow Australian scientist, Garth Paltridge (The Climate Caper).
See the review by John Izzard in Quadrant Online.
It begins:
“There is a wonderful image from the painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Blind Leading the Blind on the cover of a new book on the crass new celebrity-science Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change.
These two quasi-scientific expressions deserve capital letters as they have now moved from the notion of a theory to a rapidly developing religion.
In his new book, The Climate Caper, Garth Paltridge joins the growing band of eminent scientists and rational thinkers who are challenging the runaway theory of human induced Global Warming. Like the Wendy’s hamburger TV commercial from the USA — they are exclaiming of the science, “where’s the beef”.
Unfortunately, Global Warming scientists who want to find simple explanations for complicated questions about The Meaning of Life, are behaving more like Monty Python performers than men and women of science.”
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