Spanish Pronunciation in the Media

“Spanish is an easy language to learn – badly.” (?Anthony Gooch)

Are you fed up with hearing mispronunciations of Spanish names and terms from the worlds of sports, music, films and politics on the radio and TV? Probably not.

OK. Please do not waste your time on me today but please return soon.

For the five of you who are still here, deeply concerned about this neglected problem, I am happy to share my own heartache and tribulations and the causes thereof.

How do you pronounce the following?

Ángel, Enrique, Felipe, Juan, Javier, Vicente (the tricky one for Italian lovers, or even lovers of Italian), Martínez, Sastre (the Tour de France resumes in a couple of months; check how that common Hispanic surname and others come over in the expensive media commentaries), Aranjuez (as in ‘Concierto de -’), Plácido Domingo, Almodóvar, and so on.

You can pick up your free guide, if you still want to. It’s all here, in black and white:


P. S. Worth preserving from the Internet’s Maw:

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